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保科眞智子 Machiko Hoshina

Machiko Soshin Hoshina


Machiko Soshin Hoshina is a long-term practitioner of Japanese tea ceremony and professor of Urasenke Chado.
She conducts numerous tea ceremonies and tea practices in both Japanese and English at embassies, schools and companies.
She is currently working on several socially engaged art projects such as the Reviving Old Imari Project at Loosdorf Castle, Austria.



Machiko Soshin Hoshina was born in Tokyo, Japan, to the Daimyo (Lord of Samurai) family line of the Edo era which spans 800 years of history. Japanese feudal lords were the patrons of the tea ceremony and related fine arts. She received a big influence from her family background including her mother who is a tea master, her grandmother who was a sumie artist and whose birth was the Tokugawa Shogun family(she is a 19th generation descendant of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu), and her great grandmother who served as a chief court lady of the Empress Showa and whose birth was the former House of Imperial Prince Kitashirakawa.


She was educated in Gakushuin, while spending her childhood in the U.S. and high school days in Australia as an exchange student of AFS. She received her B.A. from Keio University and is currently a research student at the Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. Her research interests include engaging traditional culture with modern society, practical use of Chado to build international communication between Japanese and non-Japanese and the relationship between Chado and mindfulness.


VIP Tea Ceremony Experiences

Schoenbrunn Palace Tea Ceremony / Vienna University of Technology(2023)
Summer Reception at Japanese Ambassador’s Residence (2023)
Loosdorf Castle Triumphal Tea Ceremony / University of Applied Arts Vienna(2023)
ONCE UPON NOW 1873-2023,Johanna Riedl / Tokyo University of the Arts, Embassy of Austria in Japan(2023)
France-Japan Friendship 160th Anniversary Japonisme 2018, AREThe Paris ((2018)
Science Center World Summit 2017 / Miraikan, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (2017)
Japanese Tea Ceremony workshop, Japan Expo Premium 2017 Sri Lanka (2017)


Art Projects

150th Commemoration of Austria-Japan Friendship “Reviving Old Imari Porcelains Project at Loosdorf Castle, Austria (ROIP), Founder
Exhibition Tour “Tragedy of Loosdorf Castle – Destruction and Rebirth of Old Imari Porcelains – ” in Tokyo, Aichi, Yamaguchi and Saga (2020-2022), Cooperating Producer
G20 Osaka Summit, Spouse Program (2021)
COME BACK FOR MORE! Commemorative project for the 150th anniversary of World Fair Vienna 1773-2023, “Broken Collection” Workshop / Vienna University of Applied Arts, Loosdorf Castle (2023)
“Learning from Japanese Tea House” Closing Event, “HETEROTOPIA” Reconstruction Project / Vienna University of Technology, Loosdorf Castle (2023)

Reviving Old Imari Porcelains at Loosdorf Castle, Austria

Hoshina is a founder of ROIP project – Reviving Old Imari Porcelains at Loosdorf Castle, Austria. She met the family who owns the ten-thousand shards collection which has been kept in an old castle without being known. The project was led by Japanese female volunteers, homecoming of shards to Japan, supported the exhibition tour and led to a big success. Through the project, the broken collection connected people of both nations, beyond generation, as a war memorial and a symbol of peace.


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Media Appearance:
Timeless Tokyo, “Your Own Private Tea Ceremony”
Tea ceremony with Japanese cuisine .
HOBONICHI Techo, “The Art of Living”
NHK, “Destroyed Porcelain Unites People in Peace”
Japan Times, “Porcelain Shards serve as stark reminder of war”

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